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Tip For The Day

This is my version of "over the top" makeup

This is my version of “over the top” makeup

Here’s the scenario: You meet up with your friend for a day of shopping and dining. When she opens the door, you are startled and shocked by her new makeup. Her lipstick looks like she’s been playing in chalk (too pale), she has either over/under drawn her eyebrows (scary),

Badly shaped eyebrow


and she took contouring to the next level (did she get a nose job?). Your…

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The Makeup Show-Chicago


I am counting down the weeks until I can finally stroll through the doors of The Bridgeport Art Center, where The Makeup Show will be held. If you’ve been following my career and my blog, then you should already know how much I’ve enjoyed attending in the past, and how disappointed I was last year when I couldn’t make it to the event.

For those of you who don’t know, The Makeup Show is held…

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Groupon ScreenshotI’m taking a detour from my usual posts about all things beauty because I just want to shout from the rooftops about Groupon’s excellent customer service.


I purchased a Groupon for an item that I needed, and when it did not arrive in a timely fashion, I reached out to Groupon’s customer service department and was pleasantly surprised to get a response within a few moments. The email…

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Sephora + Pantone and My Color IQ

Sephora + Pantone and My Color IQ

Color IQFor those of you who are not familiar, beauty emporium Sephora partnered with color company expert Pantone, to develop an identification system for matching foundation accurately. I had been TRYING to get myself to physical store (I shop for makeup and beauty products online more than in person) for MONTHS, but finally, I had a day to myself where I could explore my own Color IQ.

As a makeup…

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