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Autumn Lip Colors. Yep, It’s That Time Again!

It seems like I was just creating my summer palettes and looks and all of sudden, the hot (or lukewarm for us Chicagoans) summer has swiftly become a cooler fall. As you all know, I am a Beauty Budget Babe, meaning that I love to make the most of all cosmetic purchases. I splurge sometimes, but I really try to use colors and products until the package/pot/compact is EMPTY!

Changing up your makeup…

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Hair Be Gone!

Recently, I had to have a “come to Jesus” conversation with my new relatives Mrs. Beard and her brother Mr. Mustache.  They pop up periodically on my face like those relatives you don’t want to see! Both of them know that I despise their sneaky, pesky, and coarse facial hair attacks that decide to make appearances at various times of the month, but I’ve found an easy solution.

Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

Olay Facial Hair…

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Who’s Skin? Not Mine!

Who’s Skin? Not Mine!

My skin USED to just be dry with sporadic eczema flare-ups, but lately, due to hormonal changes, I now have to experience something I’ve never dealt with before: acne. What the heck? I have pimples now, and I am genuinely confused about how to care for my used to be parched skin.  I had to ask myself: do I chuck my “dry” skin moisturizer in favor of oil free products or do I just spot treat the…

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Photoshop: Is That Really YOU?

Photoshop: Is That Really YOU?

Here’s the scenario: You are flipping through Instagram, Facebook, etc., and see before and after photos of a woman who just had a makeover. In the first picture, the woman resembles Chewbacca from Star Wars and in the second, she is officially on Beyonce status. I’m seeing way too many makeup artists (and non-artists) posting heavily photoshopped pictures that are not an accurate representation…

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